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DRD Designs / Boquet Media


P.O. Box 87
Willsboro, NY 12996 Business & Service Payment Center
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 Step 1

Step 2
  • Tap 'Launch'. A dialog box to download .apk file will open on your device, tap Ok or Download

Step 3
  • Open the downloaded .apk file, and tap 'Install' (Please note if you haven’t enabled 'Unknown sources', a dialog box asking to enable 'Unknown Sources' will popup. Go to settings and enable it.)

Step 4
  • Once the app is installed, you can delete the .apk file downloaded earlier as you wouldn't need it any longer.



          Apple iOS

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WillsboroNOW App

Step 2

Step 3
  • Tap 'Install', and the app will then install onto your iOS device

Step 4
  • Open your app. You will get 'Untrusted Enterprise Developer' alert message, tap Cancel, and follow the below instructions to proceed….. (a) Go to Settings > General > Profiles or Profiles & Device Management (b) You will see a profile - ONS Interactive Solutions, under 'Enterprise App'. Tap the profile (c) A dialog box Trust 'iPhone Distribution - ONS Interactive Solutions' Apps on this iPhone will appear. Tap 'Trust' to establish trust for this developer, and test your app







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