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Adsit Log Cabin


852 Point Road,
Willsboro, NY 12996


Welcome to the Adsit Log Cabin

A log cabin constructed more than 200 years ago on Willsboro Point, Willsboro, New York.

Visit a carefully preserved log cabin built on the 1790's by a veteran of the American Revolution. Samuel Adsit's home takes you back to the early days of pioneer settlement in the Champlain Valley.

The log cabin is considered one of the nation's oldest log structures still located in its original location. The cabin was hidden for over 100 years by another structure built around it over time.

The cabin's builder first viewed the site just before the invasion of British General Burgoyne's army in the summer of 1777.  Years later in 1814, the noise of the Battles of Plattsburgh and Lake Champlain could be heard from the cabin.  One of the Adsit boys went from the cabin to Plattsburgh to learn who had won.

The Adsit Log Cabin is owned by the citizens of the Town of Willsboro and operated by the Adsit Cabin Committee of the Willsboro Heritage Society.  The cabin is open to the public free of charge by appointment - Groups are welcome! Check our website for listing of events at the cabin.

For further information, or to learn how you can help with a "restoration in progress," contact:

The Adsit Cabin Committee c/o The Willsboro Heritage Society, Inc. P.O. Box 212 - Willsboro, NY 12996-0212